Our core values are “HI-SPEED”

About Sripatum International College

Sripatum International College (SIC) was initiated to respond to the growing trend in education towards globalized collaboration and particularly to keep in tune with the face-paced development of Asia. Our international College integrates educational programs with economic, social and cultural growths of the nation. SIC students receive training of an international standard. This will give our students a competitive edge when developing their career path in a rapidly changing global business environment and take maximum advantage when taking on new opportunities.

Core values Our core values are HI-SPEED” - Honest, Intelligent, Social-Responsible, Professional, Energetic, Ethical and Dynamic.

The Benefits of our International College

  • Academic challenges - we help students realize their full potential.
  • Highly Dedicated Faculty - we are friendly and professional.
  • Individual Attention - small classes of around 15-20 students allow students to get the attention they deserve.
  • Intensive English Program - ensures all non-native English speaking students achieve a set standard of fluency.
  • Access to Technology - a dedicated computer lab for your convenience.
  • Excellent Campus Facilities - newly furbished classrooms, mini theatre, resource center, and exclusive student lounges.
  • Extracurricular Activities - including social events, and field trips.
  • International Student Services - includes assistance in finding

Career Path for SIC graduates
SIC graduates have been recruited to work in various business sectors including: Commercial, Embassies, Import – Export, Media Agency, Multinational Corporations and Hospitality Industry

SIC Students’ Core Competencies

  • Service-minded
  • Negotiation Skill
  • Language Skill
  • Cross – Cultural Management Skill
  • Managerial Skill
  • Interpersonal Skill
  • Team – work Spirit
  • Computer Skill
  • Leadership Skill



Degree Offered

Bachelor of Arts in International Business Communication (B.A.)

International Business Communication Program:

Students will gain a high level of linguistic skills, ICT skills and inter-cultural communication skill allowing students to communicate with a high degree of fluency and accuracy in international business contexts. Moreover, students will develop a wide range of business knowledge and management practice including international business operations, management, marketing, finance, strategic management, negotiation, effective business presentation.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Hotel Management (B.B.A.)
Hotel Management Program:

Students will possess a high level of multi-lingual skills to enhance students to communicate effectively in international hospitality industry. The program will also develop sound theory and craft based learning (practical classes) and aim at providing students with the appropriate hospitality operational skills, business management knowledge and concept to confidentially enter the hospitality industry. Students will be able to integrate theoretical and hands-on experience with professional internships in the industry.

Other special program

  • A Joint Program between SIC and SHML
  • A Dual Degree Program between SIC and BLCU

Language lab, Self access learning center

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